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Networking Events

Networking In The Film & Television Industry

What is CBDFM? 
Canada Black & Diversity Film Market (CBDFM) is a Canadian Networking hub dedicated to black films from Canada, USA, UK, Nollywood, African and international black films & TV content, music, distributors, exhibitors and industry stakeholders. 

Canada Black & Diversity Film Market (CBDFM) makes it possible to Network with the people that matter in the global entertainment industry space through a variety of tailor-made events and matchmaking sessions. Some of the activities you should anticipate at this year’s event include: In-booth meetings, opening and closing parties, music concerts, thought-leadership events, fashion shows, breakfasts and lunches are but a few of the prime opportunities CBDFM has to offer.

About Brampton 

 Brampton is a Canadian city in Ontario’s Greater Toronto Area. Its Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives is housed in 19th-century and contemporary buildings. In the center of downtown is the Rose Theatre, a major performing arts venue. In front, Garden Square hosts big-screen movies and live events. Green spaces include Gage Park with its floral gardens. To the north sits Historic Bovaird House, a Victorian home. ― Google

Nollywood Film Market

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Awards Opening and Closing Party & Red Carpet

From the big screen to the rope line, a parade of stars and industry stakeholders kicks off the 2023 CBDFM | TINFF Awards Opening & Closing Party, featuring amazing talents from this year’s crop of movies and hit series.

•    CBDFM Opening Party
CBDFM Buyers & Sellers Hub
CBDFM Film & TV Screening
•    Breakfast and drinks at the Producers Hub 
•    Women Mentoring & Networking Sessions
•    WORKSHOP – Bridging The Gap Workshop Programs
•    Women in Global Entertainment Power Lunch
CBDFM Networking Producers Hub

Canada Film Market 

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The CBDFM Producers’ Hub 


Join us at the Canada Black & Diversity Film Market (CBDFM) Producers’ hub, a drama co-production networking session at the CBFMC |Brampton annual gathering of top creative and business leaders shaping today’s international drama. The idea is to keep the focus on the journey of Canadian, Nollywood and international black filmmakers and the ways in which they are coping with keeping up in an ever-changing film and TV landscape.


  • Canadian Black Drama Networking

  • Nollywood Drama Networking  

  • International African Drama Networking

  • Drama Co-production Networking

  • International Drama Networking

  • Nollywood – Canada Drama Co-production Networking


You will have the opportunity to join your table host and share your journey, experiences and challenges in recent productions as a black filmmaker. Information about registration will be made available as we finalize the programs.

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