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8-15 Sept 2024
8-15 Sept 2024

The Market Summit

Eight Days Of Inspirational Talks, Meetings, Networking, Festivals, And Awards.
8-15 Sept 2024


Every September, hundreds of industry executives from Canada, Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom, Nollywood, and other nations gather in Toronto and Brampton, Ontario, Canada, for the Canada Black & Diversity Film Market (CBDFM) Content Summit event. Our delegates include festival directors, financiers, agents, acquisition and development executives, attorneys, directors, distributors, film commissioners, producers, authors, journalists, and anyone else involved in or providing services to the motion picture business.

The CBDFM Summit allows participants to participate in and discover the entire global catalogue of available independent films and projects, as well as attend the festival, market summits, conferences, and panels while connecting and networking with decision-makers from the African and diverse independent film communities, all in one convenient location, and to experience real diversity and inclusion at the TINFF's annual film festival and market summit every year.

The Conference


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What is CBDFM

The Canada Black & Diversity Film Market - (CBDFM)  is an industry market content summit event held each year as part of the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival (TINFF) annual programs in late September.


This historical event will bring industry stakeholders from Nollywood, Africa, the USA, and across the Globe to Canada attracting thousands of people expected to attend the annual event to collaborate on future projects, network and sell, finance, and acquire black films.


The Canada Black & Diversity Film Market (CBDFM) - Content Summit is anticipated to be the most efficient film acquisition, development, and networking event in the world. As part of the TINFF annual festival events, The CBDFM  is a film market summit where production and distribution deals are closed.

In the coming years, we anticipate more than US$1 billion in deals expected to be sealed every year — on both completed films and those in the development stage of productions.

The CBDFM as part of the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival - TINFF events in Ontario will increase film production collaboration and opportunities between Canada and the Nollywood film industry, the world's second-largest film industry, giving all sides a significant advantage of being able to network, share resources, cross distribute and promote films relating to a part of the festival’s audience who belongs to the African and Nollywood key market demographic.


The Content Summit

Celebrate Diversity & Inclusion

Canada's Diverse Film Market Summit

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Proud to bring inspirational speakers from across the globe 

All Exhibitors and Participants will have the option to screen their films in selected The CBDFM Theaters and/or on Screenings On Demand.

Exhibitors: Information on screening will be made available on our website as we get closer to the event.

Attendees: Information on Theatrical screenings, will be made available on our website as we get closer to the event.